Matthew Catling is a critically acclaimed director of factual drama and documentaries. 


His work, which is known for its visual flair and immersive storytelling, has been broadcast around the world by the BBC, C4, Channel 5, Discovery, National Geographic, History and SyFy.


It features multiple episodes of some of the best known series on television, ranging from the award winning Locked Up Abroad - described by the New York Post as "One of the most compelling, relentlessly riveting series TV has ever provided" -  to Web of LiesParanormal Witness and Breakout.


His other films include Revelation: The Road to Babylon, an innovative feature length found footage drama, and Back 

From the Dead: Crusaders, a  blend of forensic science, archaeology and drama likened by critics to "a cracking instalment of CSI". 


Early in his career, as a junior producer on O'Shea's Dangerous Reptiles, he spent months in sweaty leech-infested jungles and went eye to eye with King Cobras, Russell's Vipers and Komodo Dragons.  


He has edit-produced for blockbuster factual drama series, notably The Last Czars for Netflix and Jesus: his Life for History.


He is a former journalist who brings the rigour of his newsroom training to every project. 


Several of his original proposals have been commissioned.